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All about Haley(VampyreWriter)

Status :
"I Am Not Crazy, I Am Medicated For A Chemical Imbalance!"
Age :
Birthday :
Location :
Roc-Undead! (a.k.a. Rochester)
About Me :
"Sometimes life takes you in directions you never expected. You'll meet people that totally surprise you. You'll do things in your future you never thought were possible. You walk down winding paths and ride roller coasters that make you stomach do somersaults. The future holds so many possibilities. But no matter what path you travel, or where life takes you, there will always be certain people that will never leave your heart. So meet new people, take new roads, find your destiny. But never forget those you love and those who love you in return." Me

R.I.P. -
APRIL 25 1968 - AUGUST 3 2003

Samuel Zarcone AKA: Grandpa Z
September 8 1933 - December 26 2003

Matthew Gnage
April 1 1990 - May 16 2003

Suez AKA: Aunt Suez
Passed in April of 2004

I'm the kind of person that laughs at the most inappropriate times.
I can't help it. I don't know why. So if I laugh or smile when you tell me something that shouldn't be funny, don't take it personally.

I am my fathers daughter.
I am sarcastic and a smart mouth whenever possible. It get's me in lots of trouble, but it never stops me. My mom always says my father made me just like him so he could haunt her from the grave. She says it in a joking way lol.

I want to have a Cinderella story.
But I still have a very hard time letting people in. I don't trust easily.

I believe in Fate and Destiny.
How could you not? When there are so many people in this world, and how many times two people find each other because they work together, or went to school together. Or all the times when you meet someone in the most random place ever, and you end up falling in love and living happily ever after. For all the times that's happened, it's not possible for it to be just a coincidence.

I really don't like being lied to.
It's been done to me too many time's in the past, and I don't generally forgive people who lie to me. Even though I'm pretty good at pretending I do. I usually do it to try and get the truth out later.

Don't judge me before you know me.
There's A LOT more to me than what a first glance will give you. I was judged by people for most of high school. Only because not a lot of people understood what I was going through.

I used to cut.
I'm not afraid to admit it. I had a very hard time dealing with my pain. So I did it to try and release that pain. I wont lie, it did work. I know a lot of people find it weird and don't understand why I did it. Some people will make fun of others who do it. But it's because they don't understand the reason behind it, and because they fear what the don't understand.

I love my family.
I may not show it at times, because yes, they can get on my nerves. But I will always love them, and always appreciate what they have done for me. I have one brother named Andrew ( 10 ) and two sisters named Janelle ( 8 ) and Noelle ( 5 ). I will do anything to protect them and help them.
Favorite book genre :
Vampire, Teen, Real Life, Fantasy
Currently Reading :
The Lovely Bones
Favorite Book(s) :
I've decided that I can't decide what book is my favorite hehehe :D
Your Bookshelf :
.: Twilight Saga :.
~ Twilight
~ New Moon
~ Eclipse
~ Breaking Dawn

.: Wicked Series :.
~ Witch
~ Curse
~ Legacy
~ Spellbound

.: Uglies Trilogy :.
~ Uglies
~ Pretties
~ Specials

.: Harry Potter Series :.
~ Sorcerers Stone
~ Chamber Of Secrets
~ Prisoner Of Azkaban
~ Goblet Of Fire

.: House of Night Series :.
~ Marked
~ Betrayed
~ Chosen
~ Untamed
~ Hunted
~ Tempted

.: Vampire Academy Series :.
~ Vampire Academy
~ Frostbite
~ Shadow Kiss
~ Blood Promise

.: Sign of Seven Trilogy :.
~ Blood Brothers
~ The Hollow
~ The Pagan Stone

.: The Forbidden Bloods Series :.
~ Silent Scream

.: Skeleton Creek :.
~ Skeleton Creek
~ Ghost in the Machine

.: Wake Series :.
~ Wake
~ Fade

~ Speak

~ The Wave

~ The Secret Hideaway

~ Twisted

~ North Of Beautiful

~ Bag Of Bones

~ The Notebook
Wish List :
~ Witch and Wizard

~ Vampire Diaries Series

~ Vampire Kisses Series

~ Night World Series

~ Cirque Du Freak Series

and a whoooole lot more Smile
Posts :
Join date :
Rank: Torn between two charismatic young men for Fallen
Torn between two charismatic young men for Fallen
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